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Can’t Quit Thinking About It – VOTE HER OUT!!!!

May 29, 2008

Help me to gather some extra funding to research autism and educate the public about it. Go to and buy a Vote Her Out or Vote Her Ass Out custom shirt or accessory. I will donate a portion to the Autism Society of America! And we can let people know in our silent protest, that they CANNOT treat our children this way!!!! If it happened there it could happen to your kid too!

If you haven’t read about this and have no idea what I’m ranting on about, click here:

Also, you too can vote that teacher OUT at:

Will it do anything? WHO KNOWS! But at least your voice will be heard!

My sister has informed me that there is an actual Elementary Education teaching method that this woman was supposedly using. I usually think the best of people, but even after having read what she sent me, I can see NO reason or excuse.

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