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Jogging with milk-filled boobies, and nursing in public

May 18, 2008

I tried to exercise while nursing. I really did. But my daughter and I kept this relationship going for over a year-and-a-half and frankly every attempt I made was thwarted with squirting milk and leak spots on my workout shirt. So I gave it up. Which is why I’m going after this marathon thing now.

But I’m thinking more about another milestone today, because today marks the anniversary of the surgery I had that ended the nursing relationship. And I must admit I am feeling a little blue.

I look back at how complicated developing the whole nursing routine was. My daughter was a severe preemie and couldn’t grasp my oh, so huge boobies. Her oxygen tubes kind of eliminated that for several months as well. But once that O2 came off, watch out! She was a nursing fool. And not a leisurely nurser either – she got right down to it and ate and ate – making up for lost time having her milk through feeding tubes and then pumped and served to her in teeny tiny preemie bottles.

But that was the easy part. Go figure. It was trying to keep my very hungry preemie baby fed when I ventured out of my house that was the pain in the butt. Not feeding her, but the comments from all and sundry. Family members actually scolded me for nursing her in public (aren’t we a little past that already?). One family member held a blanket up around us like a huge curtain so I wouldn’t be seen (AHHH! Scarlet letter “N”!!!!).

A woman with VERY nasty breath lectured me at a local restaurant for feeding my baby at the table. Apparently her husband was offended. Side note, it was a booth, well hidden and fairly dark. And no, I never used a blanket – talk about calling attention to yourself. And it’s not like I was doing something illicit. I was feeding my child. Besides, sorry, after all that O2 I wanted my girl to have fresh air to breath. And what kind of message am I sending her at that tender young age if I am HIDING her under a blanket. No way sister.

By the way, to what I thought was my hubby’s chagrin, but I later pleasantly found out was true PRIDE, I told that bitchy woman that her breath was far more offensive to my meal than the tiny bit of boob I was flashing. And if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. She huffed away I recall (as her husband gawked from their table). He sure didn’t LOOK offended to me.

Seriously though, I had friends who have never had children (and one who had but chose not to nurse, HER choice yes, and one that our of respect for her I didn’t question, but I never understood. I seem to recall she “wanted her body back”. Hmmm, she’s in for a rude awakening.) who all had opinions. I digress. Anyway, I had friends who at one year proclaimed it time to wean.

Didn’t know I asked them to weigh in. I mean, this is the only child I will have. I am OLD. And this relationship is very special, to her from a nutritional and hopefully bonding standpoint, and for me the same. Breast-feeding lowers risks of breast cancer. The benefits to the baby are well documented. And the relationship between mother and child cannot be described.
But hey. Many people just felt the need to comment. Family, friends, the general public (I lived in a very small place at the time). And I chose to ignore them all. This was between my daughter and me and no one else.

And by the way, for those of you who suggest that nursing women should go to the bathrooms to nurse, why don’t YOU take your greasy, dripping burger and beer and try and prop your fat ass on a toilet and eat.

You don’t eat on the pot where you crap. No way in hell my baby does either.

(Wow! I just reread this. Didn’t realize I was still quite so pissed off. Oh well.)

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