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Ran through slush

May 14, 2008

So I ran through a bunch of slush and muck, but surprisingly it went pretty well. Feeling a bit tired and sore and twenty minutes felt longer than on Sunday. I feel a little like a wuss today so I have to keep chanting – “You are a marathoner, YOU are a marathoner!” Hope I can convince myself to keep going. Especially when I hobble out of bed tomorrow morning.

OK, on to the family. The little one is growing more every day! I tried out some new clothes and discovered she had already grown out of stuff that still had tags. How does that happen? Does anyone out there have luck on eBay? Any advice?

Art imitates life, and life imitates art.
What I see every day influences what I create, so writing this blog and developing my designs are natural extensions of who I am.
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See you around the mountains and canyons of northern AZ!


SNOW AT GRAND CANYON – May 13, 2008!

May 13, 2008

So, I just shoveled off five inches of snow from the drive, cars, etc. My husband woke me up and told me – FIVE INCHES! HA! Let me sleep old man. But no, he didn’t jest.

Will the marathon mom brave the cold morning snow to complete her second run? Hell no. I’m waiting ’til afternoon (or evening) to give this stuff a chance to melt off a bit.

It is pretty though.

But in MAY? spring snow

Anyway, the canyon should be beautiful today. Hopefully it will be warm enough to put the little one in the stroller and just wander aimlessly about showing her snow…

Apparently northern Arizona is blanketed in the fluffy white stuff.


May 12, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there! I did my first run today. Ah, the weather was clear and breezy, I saw a California condor overhead as I ran along the edge of Grand Canyon. It was beautiful. Of course, I only ran (limped, hobbled) twenty minutes, which incidentally, felt like 120. How am I going to run 26.2 miles?
My shirt was sweaty and smelly, but at the end of it all, I felt like a champ!

Marathon Mom has arrived!

May 11, 2008

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OK, so I decided my little one needs a good mommy role model. Yeah, I would prefer to plop my ass down in front of TV and watch a good rerun of “Eureka” on the SciFi channel, and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, but what message would that really send?  No, I have decided to do the unthinkable – I am training for a marathon.  And not the ice cream eating kind.

I have actually been a runner off and on my whole adult life.  I ran track in high school, kind of.  I was mostly a “jumper” in a school that prided itself on its long-distance trainers and hurdlers.  The jumpers (high, long and triple) kind of hung out on the mats, jogged around and usually ended up sharing a stromboli uptown while everyone else ran their butts off.  That was my track experience.  It was later, in northern Arizona that I discovered the runner’s high (for me, this was usually followed but an insatiable quest for pizza and beer), but still, I ran.  And then I quit for several years.  And then the Olympics (or a random track and field event on television) would get me going again.  It never became a habit.  It never became something I enjoyed.

But I became a Mom of “older gestational age” at 38 a few years ago and after that marathon, I decided I could truly do anything I set my mind to.   I mean, why not?  I have many friends who have crossed that finish line.  Besides, I didn’t want my little one to wake up one day and wonder why Mom’s butt was wider than the fridge.  Besides, she’s fast.  And she’s a little monkey.  I needed some speed and stamina to keep up with her.

And so this blog is dedicated to that purpose.  To share with you my training, my pain (and I expect I’ll be complaining a lot about the pain), my joys, and my accomplishments. 

And so, WELCOME!  I hope you all decide to join in to the conversation, and share your training stories, as well as your Mommy stories.  It’s all fair game here (but keep it clean please!).  Hopefully those of us training for the first time will encourage each other and take advice and strength from those who have already completed this mission.  Also, we can share our stories of painful butt muscles and Ben & Jerry binges. 

The training starts tomorrow ladies.  I am starting with a 16 week schedule to get me in shape for the actual 16 week marathon schedule.  We’ll start running four days per week at the beginning. 

Let the pain begin!  We can take it!!!!!!!

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