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Running Naked Through Sprinklers

May 20, 2008

It is HOT here. Hot in Arizona, but we aren’t in Phoenix or Tucson. We are in northern AZ, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon area. We’re in the mountains – it’s SUPPOSED to still be cool and nice. The last five or six years though, we have reached highs in mid-summer of near 100 degrees. That was unheard of fifteen years ago. So it’s hot.

And you will likely hear me whine about it quite a bit.

But one thing that has me smiling is watching my little one start to recognize the change in season. She is picking out her dresses every morning (as only a two-year old can do – awesome combinations of patterns and colors that only a child can wear and still look cute!) and lovin’ wearing her little pink Crocs. The days are longer and so warm that she can play outside until almost bedtime.

It reminds me of my childhood. But with one big exception. I feel badly that she will never run through sprinklers, in her swimsuit, or again, like all two-year olds, happily naked without a worry in the world, feet wet in the soft, sweet-smelling grass. Because you see, we don’t have grass. We have dirt and woodchips and cactus (yeah, even in the mountains). The only grass that would take root here would be the course, stuff that grows in clumps and thrives in the arid climate. I feel a tremendous guilt sometimes that she will never romp wild and free and BAREFOOT outside.

Now let me digress for a moment. We live in a spectacular place – truly. We have Flagstaff, AZ, Grand Canyon National Park, Williams, Sedona, Prescott and more. We have mountains and canyons. Views are breathtaking. Kids can grow up hiking and biking and enjoying the outdoors in a clean environment, breathing clean, relatively unpolluted air. It IS a great place to grow up. It is very different than my memories, but wonderful.

But still, no grass. No sprinklers. No running carefree through the water all day.

Except Sunday, we were invited to a friend’s house. I was advised we should bring her swimsuit and I thought she’d splash in a kiddy pool for awhile, then get all covered in the AZ mud that takes so long to scrub off because of it’s sticky resiliency. Ah well, if it makes her happy…

When we arrived I was surprised to see that our friend’s driveway had been turned into (sans grass) the play area of my youth. A HUGE sprinkler was set up for the kids to run through. Big towels and blankets spread out for relaxation (many layers because, hey, they WERE on hot asphalt, but still). The Moms hung out drinking cold drinks while the kids played. For hours. Running and squealing through the water, which in the desert they don’t get very often. The joy on my daughter’s face made me realize that it doesn’t matter if she has the east cost, grassy memories of MY youth.
She is happy. She is growing. She loves the experiences SHE is having, and that is what truly matters.

And sure, eventually some of the kids DID run naked through the sprinklers (but they were wearing their Crocs)!

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Being a Mom

May 14, 2008

I spent the last two hours simultaneously trying to hold down an angry, scared toddler while trying to pull a splinter from her foot.  It didn’t work.  We ended up at the doctor’s office where it took three nurses PLUS me and two shots of pain killer to get it out.  She recovered pretty quickly after though – lots of treats did the trick!

So my question is, to a toddler, having someone poking around in your foot for a splinter is the scariest thing ever.  Yet she recovered in minutes as if nothing had happened.  What has happened to us as adults that we hold on to hurts, physical and emotional for so long?  Have we lost the resiliency that children possess?

Take my marathon training for example.  Yesterdays went SO well, but I woke up this morning stiff and sore and convinced I couldn’t do it.  My daughter wouldn’t think that – she’d just get up and go.  What is it in children that grown-ups lack?  When do we lose that sense of invincibility?

Maybe it is common sense that settles in around 21 or so (in me closer to 31).  Or maybe it is the responsibilities that come with being an adult – having a job, paying the bills.  Or maybe it is that we actually did lose something, some sense of wonder that the world will always end up OK.

I don’t know for sure.  What I do know is that a toddler can be one of the best teachers.  They love all, forgive all, and when grumpy, eventually, after going limp baby on you, embrace all.  Maybe we all need to be more like our kids.