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David Cook Wins American Idol!!

May 23, 2008

OK, I just have to say it. From my more serious polygamist post earlier today, I cannot help but go a little “pop”.

I love David Cook.

There. I said it. I am over ten years older than him but I love him for his talent, his humble nature, and those eyes. WOW! Those eyes. Hey. A Mommy can look can’t she?

The other David was awesome too – of course he was. He was flawless. But there was something special about the gritty way Cook approached his songs, the creative ways in which he changed classics (Billie Jean and Hello anyone?), and the notes. Ah, the notes. As a former music major myself, I know one of the more difficult things to master is the long-held, in-tune last note. And David is a master. Just like an Olympian ice skater throwing in a triple axle at the end of a program, these notes at the end of a lung-blowing rock song were astounding.

Don’t forget though, in the hubbub of Cook’s win, that for our kids, as much fun as American Idol might be, there REAL American Idol has a day all his own. Father’s Day is coming folks. Check out some new ideas for Dads (from shirts to beer steins, we’ve got it!) and carry on the ideal that is American Idol.

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