Marathon Mom

Marathon training. Ouch. WHY the H – E – double hockey sticks (still riding high on the Penguins win in DOUBLE overtime last night) would anyone do that? I mean I live in northern Arizona. I hike all over the mountains and canyons. Heck, I hike the GRAND Canyon. Oh yeah, I’m strong. But why, I ask WHY would someone willingly put her body through something so akin to the effort it takes to have a baby with no cool human to kiss and cuddle and love at the end.


Then I had that cool human and suddenly I realized that what I used to think was pushing yourself to the limit pales in comparison to the Mama-Hood. And with that comes a new sense of direction, and responsibility. I am what they call “a mother of older gestational age” which means I ain’t exactly 25. And I don’t want my daughter to grow up with an old, pudgy, out-of-shape Mom who is still hanging on to that baby weight three year later. She should have a Mom who can hang with the younger Moms if she wants to. She should have a mom who is strong, and fierce and healthy. She should have a great role model, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Her Mom should be a CHAMPION!

Now, I don’t honesty think I can place anywhere worth mentioning in a marathon. But that’s not my point. Being a champion in a marathon, for most of us, is just competing and finishing. My goal is to get across the finish line before all the tasty snacks are gone (so, 7 hours or so). HA! No, I am hoping for under 5 hours. I don’t care if I run (although that is the hope), walk (I could deal with that), limp (a more likely scenario that would certainly make for good video), or crawl (a true possibility if I don’t keep my sorry butt MOVING every training day!). I simply want to know I finished. Then I can PROUDLY wear my Marathon Mom t-shirt and know I really did it.

I did it!

I did it for my daughter. And for my Mom who has had knee replacements and can’t run anymore. And for my friend who is in a wheelchair and misses just being able to walk in the grass.

And I did it for me. I want to be able to say I did it for me. It is very hard for Moms to do that, to do things for themselves. We feel guilt (I feel guilty leaving for an hour and a half to run on Saturday morning, but that is my best “long day”). We always have things we need to do for someone else.

But here is a message, to everyone out there who is training, if a Mom who works outside AND inside the home can do it, WE ALL CAN!

And then, if I haven’t left both shins and a kneecap somewhere behind me on the pavement, may I will start training for another. After a pint few pints of Ben & Jerry’s…

Join the Domestic Diva in her 30 day fitness and weight loss challenge – YOU GO GIRL!

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One Response to “Marathon Mom”

  1. Mama Luxe Says:

    Wow! I AM IMPRESSED! I am not a fit mama. I know I should make time to get in shape (though a marathon runner, I’ll never be)…but I don’t.

    What a great job you did and what a wonderful role model you are for your child!

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