More Polygamist News – Breaking News from MSNBC!

I have to say that in light of the MSNBC story,
I am just sad.

I wrote a blog post about a week or so ago and I was so hoping this wouldn’t happen. But it did. So the shout outs to Texas are reneged. Come on guys. You KNOW this is happening and you know to date, Arizona and Utah have continued to sit on their hands. Why can you do nothing to protect these kids? I just don’t get it.

“Under Texas law, children can be taken from their parents if there’s a danger to their physical safety, an urgent need for protection and if officials made a reasonable effort to keep the children in their homes. The high court agreed with the appellate court that the seizures fell short of that standard.”

The women and young girls who have managed to escape this life, (and given the identically abuse-ridden tales that are told, it is NOT extreme to say they escaped) agree. Young girls are forced into nonconsensual sexual marriages with significantly older men, and when under a certain age (which differs state to state) that is rape. So when did rape stop being abuse? Is it no longer “a danger to their physical safety”? Rape?

And what of the girls from Colorado City Arizona who tried to escape only to be captured by their own fathers, beaten until almost dead, and returned to their “husbands”? Was this not abuse? Is there really no “urgent need for protection” against being beaten and returned to a rapist, dirty old man?

I agree with religious freedom. I tend WAY toward the left in wanting to ascertain that all of our rights as American citizens are protected. Saying it is worth giving up our freedom to stay free doesn’t ring logical in my mind. But this goes well beyond that. I guess if a grown woman, with no outside pressure chooses this life for herself she has that right (although legally she actually doesn’t). But if that right is taken away from a young girl and this lifestyle is imposed upon her, then that my friends IS abuse.

I hear so many people say it is religious freedom and we shouldn’t interfere. But wow are those same people up in arms when they hear of the welfare system abuse, and tax law abuse that goes on. We’re terrified of venturing forth into abuse that disguises itself as religion but let’s make sure we protect the almighty dollar.

I’m sure to some degree these mothers who want their children back truly love them. But it is these same mothers who will willingly give their daughters away as soon as an antique of a church elder decides he wants a new plaything.

I live practically next door to the Colorado City sect. It IS abuse wise Texas citizens. It is abuse in your state, in your back yard. I was hoping Texas could accomplish what Arizona and Utah don’t seem to have the balls to do.

Shame on Texas!

God bless those poor girls.

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3 Responses to “More Polygamist News – Breaking News from MSNBC!”

  1. List Mama Says:

    I live up in Maine so I am not as close to you on this subject (plus I confess to rarely watching any news), but I completely agree with your perspective. It is so sad what people do in the name of God. Your post is so impassioned that I will have to do more reading. Thank you for keeping us up to speed on such a sad situation in our nation.

  2. sugarsprouts Says:

    List Mama, it IS incredible that this has been allowed to continue for so long. It makes me very sad. Thanks for reading!!!!

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