The Day After Memorial Day

I’m getting really excited about the upcoming season of Army Wives. Not being an Army wife myself, but having been an Army brat of sorts makes the show especially appealing to me. I have many close friends who WERE (and are) in fact true, live-on-post, deal with all the pride but still all the crappy rules Army (and Navy and Marine) wives. They tell me that some of the storylines proposed on the show aren’t really plausible (friendships between wives of officers ranging from privates to generals is a good example). I have to comment on this one. It does seem implausible, but refreshing on the show that cliques are in some ways undermined by the show’s heroines. That the women portrayed by this small group of actors is actually being represented in at least one television show is a huge step. Sure, the post commander’s wife probably wouldn’t “hang” at an off-post bar with the wives of enlisted men, but come on. There is one show to tell the story, and only so many characters. We wouldn’t tune in as frequently if they didn’t interact – that’s what makes it so juicy!

And that is really the point of this post. Yesterday was Memorial Day. As we remember and pray for the brave soldiers that through the years have gone to war for our country (regardless of whether you believe in the war itself – this is irrelevant in the face of the ultimate sacrifice), we should also remember the families left behind. Especially in the current world situation, where our soldiers are called to fight a war that is unjust, but do not have the right to refuse, the families feel the pain of loss every day.

So let’s hear it for the soldiers, those who have been lost, those who have returned from the many wars we have fought, and those who with hope will come home soon. And let us not forget the families, the husbands, wives, parents, and children who are left behind to hope, and to worry and to pray for their loved ones.

We honor you.

Let your kids show their pride for what Dad does if he is in the military.

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