The Preakness

No, I am definitely NOT starting this by comparing my limping old bod to a thoroughbred horse.  But hey!  So I ran early today – 30 minutes, not too long but my long run of the week.  Drove into the park (Grand Canyon) and ran along the rim.  SO beautiful.  I heard robins and it was crisp and cool and clear.  Lots of visitors later on, but that’s the time of year.  It’s a great thing that people care to come visit.   But I ran early so I could rush back and watch coverage of the Preakness.

My hubby and I often go to local races, and pre-baby to the local bar that has off-track betting.  I always, as I tell the hubby, “cheer for a horse to win”.  I don’t know much about horse racing – I just know I enjoy it immensely.  The smell of the track, the crackling electricity in the air at the beginning of the races, the cheering crowds, and yes, the party atmosphere are all things I enjoy as I crack pen a nice cold one and kick back.

I have friends who are very PETA-oriented and hate the thought of horse racing and rodeos.  Other friends (in northern Arizona there is a wide variety of opinions and you can literally know people from all over the spectrum, all good people, but the ability to float between the groups without offending anyone is a learned skill) are rodeo riders, current and retired and one friend even owns a portion of a racehorse.  From them I understand that most of these critters (and admittedly there are horrific exceptions to every rule) are cared for and loved and not in the least abused.

This brings me to the Preakness.  I wasn’t going to watch it.  After the loss of Eight Belles in the Derby several weeks ago, I was so saddened that I thought I’d swear off watching any more this year.  But I can’t do it.  The horses and jockeys who will compete today have worked their lives and careers for this day.  They deserve the same support as they did had Eight Belles not been lost.  But it will still be sad.

I considered briefly in the days following the Derby if there was any correlation between women in the working world and the fate of Eight Belles.  She was one of the only fillies to rise to this type of success.  Was this a parallel for women in corporate America?  In any workplace?  Is the fate of Eight Belles significant to us all?

I pondered it, and possibly there is a link there.  But I had to eventually let it go.  It was just too sad to consider such a beautiful animal lost so tragically.  And I want to share this love of horses and exciting time of year with my daughter.  She already loves horses and mules and ponies.  She has ridden a tiny pony named Sprinkles at the county fair.  She has t-shirts with horses (I’m still working on getting that drawing right for my site, so for now other critters have to suffice).  He plays pony on her stick horse.  I want her to grow up thinking watching the pretty horses is fun, and not tragic.  She has the rest of her life to learn about tragedy.

I just hope I can protect her from it as long as possible.

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