More thoughts on the Preakness

I think I feel guilty. Now as I wait for the Preakness to begin I am watching the clips of the Derby and the whips. I know, my “horsie” friends tell me the whips don’t hurt, but how could they not? Maybe I was too quick to believe the horses weren’t harmed in any way because I just enjoyed watching too much.

There is much talk now of two things: banning whips, although jockeys and trainers say it would be disastrous. But you know, I never even tap my dogs nose with a newspaper, and I would NEVER hit my child for any reason, so I go back and question myself, and again my personal motives and wonder why this never bothered me before.

Also being discussed is disallowing pain killers, not to cause the horses pain, but to make trainers and owners pull horses that are hurting and allow them to heal instead of racing themselves to injury, or in the case of Eight Belles, even death.

Ultimately I wonder where we stop. Are the breeders today breeding for strength and durability, or are they breeding primarily for the Triple Crown races and later stud line? If it is the latter, how ethical is that? If, as horsie people say, the animals love to race, is breeding only for the few big races that will bring millions in sales and stud feeds really in the best interest of the horses. Why is running a horse who could be injured seeming to become more and more predominant? Is it because, like we are all hearing about Big Brown, that he may never race again after this season? Are horses really being bred for money and not sport? Do I even want my daughter exposed to that? Or can those who just love horses keep the spirit pure?

I would be really interested in hearing from all of you, many of whom have more horse experience than I. There are lots of opinions out there and I am open to hearing them all.
But I must say, the Budweiser ad with “Frank” in training rocks!

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