Marathon Mom in Training – Week 1, Day 3

Just did my third run – only 20 minutes, and I limped through a lot of it, having left my right knee behind me five minutes in, but HEY! My daughter greeted me at the door with the biggest smile and hug and kiss. It’s all worth it when I think of the message I will be sending her.

She was hanging with a friend while I ran. My friend told me that when I left, my little one peeked up and out the window, pointed and said “Mama running.” So she knows. At least she has some concept. Not to be too sugary sweet here or anything, but it is that tiny little person that will get me through (limping, cussing and probably minus both knees by then) to the finish line.

I want her to have the positive body image I never had. I don’t want her to be an emotional eater. I don’t want these horrific images of self-starved Hollywood types to be her ideal. When did Paris Hilton become beautiful? I don’t see it, no offense. She looks a bit like an underfed basset hound that has been bleached to within an inch of her life. I hear how all-natural and health conscious movie stars are but they all just look hungry.

Go eat a cookie already!

But I digress. I need the support of all of you too. So write in. Give me advice. Kick my ass. Get me out there and keep me running!

And I’ll eat a cookie or two for us all.______________

Art imitates life, and life imitates art.

What I see every day influences what I create, so writing this blog and creating my designs are natural extensions of who I am.

If you are interested in viewing my designs, primarily for kids but also some cool stuff for adults and also doggies (who we all know are integral parts of all families) check them out at:

See you around the mountains and canyons of northern AZ!

“If you don’t laugh at life, it sneaks up and bites you in the ass!”


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