Guns in national parks

What the hell are Bush and his wacky minions DOING?  Dick (oops, I mean Dirk) Kempthorne states that apparently people need to feel safe in national parks so hey!  Let’s allow them to carry concealed weapons.  That will make everyone feel better.

I don’t live in a park anymore, but I used to, and when I did, believe me, they were the safest places ever.   We never even locked our doors.  But ya’ know what.  Some wild animal might come up and try and eat your head off right out the window of your gas-chugging SUV.  

And now, Dick, I mean Dirk, is being forced to protect Polar bears, but darn it, he is NOT going to make that force him to protect the gosh-darn environment – he just won’t do it dammit!

Getting these ignorant, right-wing, gun-toting asses out of control cannot happen soon enough.  And with that I will get off my soapbox.

Well, almost.  If you too cannot stand what our country has become (politically, environmentally, economically) please get out and vote. 


If you are reading this blog, you are probably a Mom, maybe a military Mom as in my family.  Protect your loved ones.  Bring them home.  Stop this war.  Stop the raping and pillaging of our environment.  Stop all the disgraceful spending.  Save this country for your kids.


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